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Value Proposition


To us, mining is more than just “a hole in the ground”. It is an opportunity to “making the dream come true” for our stakeholders.  The societal impact derived from a single mining discovery can be immense, in terms of providing job opportunities, increasing revenue to the state, and skills development. Epangelo was established in order to fulfill the aspirations of the Government of the Republic of Namibia, our primary stakeholder. Our mandate is to operate across the entire mining value chain from exploration to mining, mineral processing and beneficication


We differentiate ourselves from other players by the reasons why we were created, to fulfill a specific promise beyond mining.  As a Public Enterprise, we are an instrument of Public policy.  To that end our promise is to provide the Government of the Republic of Namibia with an opportunity to fulfill its Vision 2030 mineral sector goals:


“That Namibia’s mineral resources are strategically exploited and beneficiated, providing equitable opportunities for all Namibians to participate in the industry, while ensuring that environmental impacts are minimized, and investments resulting from mining are made to develop other, sustainable industries and human capital for long-term national development.”




We have been putting a lot of effort in acquiring and developing our exclusive prospecting licences (EPL).  Furthermore, we are not shy to get our hands dirty.  As such, we do not sit idle waiting for others to do the work for us. We thus conduct the preliminary exploration activities ourselves. We believe that turning our greenfield EPLs into brownfields can provide us with a diversified mineral resource portfolio that is attractive to investors. We collaborate with junior mining companies where additional exploration breadth is required. To that end we have acquired 20 EPLs that we are busy developing ourselves or with partners, In order to provide our staff with a conducive working environment Epangelo operates from its own building, located in Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek.  The company has a team of eleven (11) employees with expertise in geology, mining engineering, finance, and legal matters.


Being a relatively new organization, the company was created with a lean organisational structure, owing to societal pressures for state-owned companies to “do more with less”.  We thus strive to be cost-effective through multi-skilling and effective utilization of our human resource.  We believe in continuous knowledge accumulation, utilization and transfer, particularly in the skills required for continuous improvement of our core processes.  We believe that increased knowledge of our employees would deepen our “depth” so that we can continue to do more with less. As part of our Shared Services Epangelo owns 49% of EVS Mining Contractors, a company capable of providing mining services in drilling, blasting, loading and hauling.



Contact Info

Epangelo Mining Company (Proprietary) Limited, No. 7 Feld Street, Private Bag 13369

Windhoek, Namibia


+264 61 41 5700




Mon - Fri / 08h30 - 17h00

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