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Mining Exploration


To date Epangelo Mining Company (Proprietary) Limited (“Epangelo”) has 30 Exclusive Prospecting Licenses of different commodity groups, such as base and rare metals, industrial minerals, precious metals and precious stones. These concessions are strategically located in different geological environments from land to marine in order to ensure a diversified mining portfolio. About 80% of the onshore EPLs are located within the famous Damara belt which runs at the intersection of the Congo and the Kalahari cratons.



The Damara belt is characterised by a series of geological linear structures (faults,thrusts and shear structures) and late Damara intrusions. It is these linear structures and intrusions that make the Damara belt most favourable in Namibia for mineral explorations.


These linear structures/ fractures are believed to have played a role as conduits for various metalliferous hydrothermal fluids during the late-Damara phase of a hot upwelling mantle. These fluids reacted with different rock units within the lithosphere, as they are moving up, to precipitate into various economic metalliferous deposits. As such, the Damara belt has a high economical potential when it comes to mineral exploration.



Epangelo also has five offshore EPLs situated in the Atlantic Ocean along the south-west coast of Namibia. Epangelo intends to prospect for marine diamonds and industrial minerals on these EPLs. The diamonds at the coast of Namibia are believed to have been transported by the Orange River from kimberlite pipes in the cratonic provinces in central southern Africa which is the catchment area for this river. The diamondiferous gravels were then deposited onto the river’s submarine delta at the Namibian coast, forming intermediate offshore depositories for diamonds. The ocean currents washed some of the diamondifeous gravels further down the oceanic floor. It is against this background that Epangelo has decided to acquire these offshore mineral licenses.


The coastline of Namibia has a long history of mining for alluvial and marine diamonds. Epangelo wishes to explore these mineral licenses and to develop these into mineral deposits of minable value. The potential revenue expected from mining can then be used to develop other sustainable industries and human capital for long-term national socio-economic developments, as per Vision 2030.


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